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Kobe Kares

Kobe Kares is a program named after Kobe Campbell. Kobe celebrates his birthday in April and is a 5 year old Shih Tzu Amber

was fortunate enough to be able to adopt. Kobe is a fun-loving ball of love and life, and has the cutest face to brighten anyone's day. His favorite hobbies are playing with squeaky toys at 5am and getting his belly rubbed.

Through our Kobe Kares program, we provide training for Service and Therapy Dogs. Many of our dogs are rescues who have been abused and/or neglected themselves. In their new lives, we match them with individual and families facing crisis brought on by abuse and violence.

Dogs love unconditionally. They do not judge what you look like, where you live or how much money you have. A dog's presence can be especially important to an individual who needs a gentle, non-judgmental companion who can begin to help them heal and rebuild their lives after abuse.

A physically or sexually abused child may not want anyone to touch them. Dogs provide a non threatening touch that puts a child at ease, making them much more willing to open up. This may be the only loving interaction an abused child has known. An individual comfortable with petting and hugging a dog tends to feel safe to project their feelings on the dog and communicate their pain and fears. Once this person opens up about the abuse, the healing can begin.

Peabo N Woolie Foundation provides Certified Pet Therapy Dogs to help heal the hurting. Many of these dogs have suffered horrific abuse themselves and seem to understand on a deeper level.
Crystal rescues dogs that are in abusive situations, neglected or abandoned and finds foster homes for them. The dogs are then evaluated for temperament and if they would be a good candidate to be a Therapy or Service Dog. We then proceed with training and matching them with their loving human. Training for Therapy Dogs can take as little as 3 months. Training a dog to be a Service Dog takes 1-2 years of extensive training, depending on the need of the individual, and can costs up to $15k. We only use well trained Certified Therapy and Service Dogs. 


Phoenix Rizin

Phoenix Rizin is a healing ministry which works toward wholeness in the spiritual, relational, emotional,

and mental dimensions of our lives through pastoral counseling, educational seminars and healing retreats.

We offer private or group Pastoral Counseling for those who are suffering from abuse, bullying or intolerance. Our Christ-centered counseling gets to the root of your pain and has a strong emphasis on healing prayer and how the unconditional love of God can heal the wounded areas of our lives.

Phoenix Rizin believes that every individual is uniquely and wonderfully made and is loved equally and unconditionally by God. Crystal has fought against religious abuse her entire life and understands the difference between religiosity and the loving God who heals the wounded souls. We focus on each and everyone believing that they are a "whosoever" and complete healing belongs to them.

We offer 1 day and weekend beach retreats and seminars . Participants will get in depth counseling and be able to share experiences with others who have suffered abuse. Retreats will be customized to fit the needs of each group.

Our Phoenix Rizin School Club is available to all elementary, middle and high schools. Once set up in the schools, students lead the programs. which are focused on stopping bullying and teaching students to be inclusive of their classmates.


Foundation Fitness

Foundation Fitness is an outreach program that focuses on building a strong emotional, mental, and spiritual foundation through physical fitness! We believe learning how to push through a workout can translate to many different areas of a person's life. You learn mental toughness, determination, and overcoming what seems like insurmountable obstacles. We also believe that when you learn how to take control of your physical fitness, you can start to take control over other areas in your life you may feel are out of control.


Our fitness classes are held at Gold's Gym in Myrtle Beach. Class schedules will be posted on our Facebook page. If anyone is interested in us doing a class for your group, please contact us.

Crystal is available for speaking engagements. Please see our contact page and e-mail or call for more information.