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Our Mission

The mission of the Peabo n Woolie Foundation is to educate, heal and empower survivors of abuse, bullying and intolerance and to shed light into the darkness that surrounds these issues. We facilitate emotional healing through fitness, education and pet therapy. We advance this mission with advocacy, direct services and community education.


Crystal Webb  Founder/Director
P.O. Box 70473 Albany GA 31708

Phone: 843-957-5940
E-mail: peabonwooliefoundation@gmail.com

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Every state in the USA has laws against child abuse, domestic violence, bullying and discrimination...

Yet, bullying is a national epidemic amongst children. Many have suffered emotional distress while others have sought relief through suicide. Child abuse and domestic violence is rising at an alarming rate. Hate for our fellow man is destroying this country. Laws are NOT the solution.

We believe unconditional love is the foundation on which healing begins. There is no truer form of unconditional love than that of a dog! Dogs accept us as we are - they donít judge and donít threatenóso victims can wholeheartedly interact with them safe in the knowledge that there is no hidden agenda. Traumatized individuals who find it difficult to open up and trust humans find it much easier with Therapy Dogs.

Through our Kobe Kares program we train Service and Therapy Dogs (many of them rescues in need of love and home themselves) and help pair them with people in need of a loving, supportive companion.



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