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Crystal, born and raised in Albany Georgia, has lived in Myrtle Beach SC since 1997.

Crystal studied at the University of Georgia and is a die hard Georgia Bulldog. A natural born athlete, Crystal excelled at basketball, softball and track. After school, Crystal turned her attention to her true love, dancing, and bodybuilding in which she competed for many years in ABA and IFBB. With over 25 years experience in the fitness industry, Crystal continues to help those who seek a healthier lifestyle. Crystal is an Ordained Minister with a Certificate in Pastoral Counseling. Crystal is a survivor of extreme physical, emotional, mental and verbal abuse. Suffering such abuse for most of her life at the hands of her mother has developed in her a strong advocate against abuse of any type whether it involves animals or people. She has a deep compassion for the hurting and wants to help each individual to receive the healing that she has received. Crystal suffered through years of anger, eating disorders, and self hate, all coping mechanisms of abuse. Unable to trust people or love herself, her life was secretly a vicious cycle of self hate while on the outside she seemed to have an amazing life. Though she desperately wanted help, she was too angry at God and too shut down to receive it. But, God knew how to reach her. He sent 2 Shih Tzus, Peabo and Woolie, into her life to give her the unconditional love that only a dog can give. It was through this love that she slowly opened up to God and allowed Him to do the healing in her that would eventually set her free and allow her to use that past abuse to help others. Crystal founded The Peabo N Woolie Fundation after Peabo passed away at the age of 19. Crystal believes her story will help others overcome abuse and learn to see dogs as a source of unconditional love that should be treated with the same love and devotion they give us. She has been actively rescuing dogs for the past 2 years and speaking out against abuse, bullying and neglect through speaking engagements and seminars.

Crystal I available for speaking engagements . Please see our contact page and e-mail or call for more information.


Amber Campbell went from being a good thrower at the collegiate level and turned herself into one of the best in the women's weight and hammer throwers in the country over the past 10 years.

She has won 9 national titles while tying the record for most indoor consecutive wins. She owns the third farthest weight throw in American history. Hampered with the fact the weight throw is not contested at the World Indoor Championships, Campbell has represented Team USA for five World Outdoor Championships and the 2008 Olympic Games. She also qualified for her second Olympic Games in London, England where she placed 13th and set the American Olympic Record. She was also the 2015 Pan-American Games Silver Medalist. She competed for the Lady Chanticleers of Coastal Carolina University from 2000-04 where she won 16 Conference titles, and 5 All-American Honors. She also earned her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. Campbell is a volunteer assistant coach for throwers at CCU after finishing her career as one of the school's most distinguished athletes of all-time. 

Amber grew up in a small rural town in Tucumcari, NM where her love for sports and animals began. Though not bullied, Amber felt like an outcast. As a result, she battled depression and obesity. Never feeling like she truly fit in she found her solace in playing sports. When she wasn't playing sports she was spending time at home with her family and her dogs. Three years ago, Amber rescued an awesome Shih Tzu named Kobe who she adores for his unique and hilarious personality. Months later, she met Crystal at the gym and would soon realize they shared the same passion for dogs and for helping others. Crystal told Amber about a vision she had for fighting animal abuse and rescuing abused animals to honor her beloved pets - The Peabo n Woolie Foundation. Knowing that Amber was a well sought after motivational speaker, Crystal asked Amber to partner with her to fight against all types of abuse. Amber is excited to help and be a part of changing lives, hearts, and perceptions.


On November 30 1992, I was blessed with the most incredible Angel.

Woolie and Touche surprised us with a litter of 7 Shih Tzus. With 3 dogs already, we had no intentions of keeping any of them. One of the pups was diagnosed as being blind and deaf. Unable to sell him, my partner at the time gave me the pup for an early Valentine's present. As soon as his siblings were gone, this pup came alive with energy and showed no signs of being deaf or blind. Seems he was acting to get to stay with me! I named him Peabo Tuxedo Webb because he looked just like he was wearing a tux. We formed a bond that even death could not break. For 19 years, 5 months, he slept on my pillow on the left side of my head, never disturbing me in my sleep. We did everything together. Peabo was a one human dog and he was totally devoted to me. He acted as if he was put on this earth for one purpose, to love and take care of me, and he fulfilled that purpose beautifully. Christmas was our favorite time of the year and he was the only one who loved watching all the Christmas shows with me. We must have watched our favorite, Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer, a thousand times. Our favorite part was when Rudolf said "I'm cute, she said I was cute". Peabo loved for me to pick him up and do the reindeer fly when he heard this. Our true spiritual connection came to light when I suffered a brain stem injury in a car wreck. The doctors and I believe I fully recovered because of his love and devotion. He was so in tune to me that he would notify me before I had a seizure. He was such a gentle soul. Peabo taught me about unconditional love, commitment and faithfulness. He reached my heart in ways no person ever could. Through his love, I was able to open up and let God heal me from all the abuse and it's devastating affects. On March 18 2012, God took my soul mate from me. My only consolation is the thought that my Angel, Peabo Tuxedo Webb, had finally earned his wings.


Woolie came to me at a time when I was literally at my worst emotionally.

He was born in Georgia to a breeder on April 5 1989, the exact day my grandmother passed away. A friend of mine who owned a pet store at the time in Albany bought the litter, unaware the pups were suffering from parvo. Every dog in her store perished from this disease, including Woolie's sister who shared the same cage with him, except Woolie. Trying to help at the pet store with the sick pups, I carried the disease home to my pups PeeWilly and Muscles. Muscles was old enough to fight it off but PeeWilly could not. Knowing I was devastated, she offered the one surviving pup to me. At first I declined, but, once she brought him into the office to meet me and that fat ball of fur chased me around the room, I was in love. Woolie was a strong Shih Tzu with a great sense of humor. He had the most beautiful eyes. When he looked at me, I could see deep into his soul and feel nothing but unconditional love. Woolie loved everyone, loved adventure and loved to dance. His favorite song was Janet Jackson's "Love Will Never Do Without You" and would come running to me whenever he heard it, wanting to dance. His beautiful soul and zest for life began to soften my heart and helped me to open up for some healing to come in. Sadly, he would not live long enough to see the my victory, but he certainly set the healing in motion and was a big part of it. Woolie passed away at the age of 17 on May 18 2007.